Report: Cardinals Darnell Dockett Spit in Kerry Rhodes Face Sunday During Game

The Arizona Cardinals were the darlings of the NFL for about a month after starting off 4-0.

How quickly things can go down hill in this league.

Arizona Sports (KTAR 620-AM) and Pro Football Talk are reporting that there was in on field incident Sunday between the Cardinals Darnell Dockett and Kerry Rhodes.

Reports are that the incident took place near the end of the loss to the New York Jets.

Sources close to the situation say that Rhodes wanted to allow the Jets to score so that it would be 14-6, and the Cardinals would have a chance to attempt a final drive.

Those same sources say Dockett disagreed with letting the Jets score and voiced his opinion to Rhodes.

The two players allegedly had words, got face to face, and Dockett allegedly spat in the face of Rhodes.

Dockett supposedly will be disciplined by the team, and the Cardinals and head coach Ken Whisenhunt would like to keep the matter under wraps.

Whisenhunt released this statement on 620’s Doug and Wolf Show.

“We generally prefer to keep internal matters like that within the team and not discuss them publicly,” he said. “I think we’re going to continue to do that going forward.”

Wow the Cardinals are in trouble, and I can’t figure out why Whisenhunt is not on the proverbial hot seat along with the other maligned coaches in the league.


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