Report: Darnell Dockett Fined Six Figures By Cardinals For Incident With Kerry Rhodes

The fall out from the Darnell Dockett and Kerry Rhodes incident continues to play out for the Cardinals franchise.  Earlier in the week reported that Dockett reportedly spit on Rhodes. 

Rhodes would go on to deny such a thing happened, simply claiming that the two defensive players had a disagreement.  Dockett would go on to apologize to Rhodes on Thursday, but the damage was done and consequences have been handed down.

Pro Football Talk via Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 is reporting that Dockett has been fined six figures for whatever took place between the two, and Dockett may have a reduced role for the game against Seattle Sunday.

I’m not sure if Dockett spit or not, but a fine of almost a game check worth of money, says something egregious did take place between the two.