Report: Tim Tebow To Request Trade In The Off-Season

I know this isn’t breaking news, but this has been such a long and disappointing season for the NFL’s golden boy that I feel strongly about reporting a rumor I hope comes true.

This morning we reported that Jets quarterback Tim Tebow feels misled according to sources close to the situation, because he was never given the opportunity to start at quarterback.

Add that to the embarrassment of being passed over for Greg McElroy after Mark Sanchez was benched this morning and you can understand his frustration.

Now according to New York Daily News writer Manish Mehta via a source close to the situation, Tebow may have finally had enough.

According to Mehta, assuming McElroy starts these final two games, Tebow will request a trade in the off-season.

As we reported a few weeks ago this whole situation was a mess from the get go.  Tebow was duped, tricked and used in this whole situation.

Tebow was brought to New York as a sideshow act only.  According to reports Tebow’s lack of playing time may have mainly been due to the Jets not wanting to pay him close to $11 million in incentives over the next 2 years.

The Jets got a full season of headline news and backpage supremacy in the New York market, but it backfired in the win column.