Report: Tyreke Evans And Brandon Jennings Could Be Traded Before Deadline

Two of the top young combo guards in the league were not given contract extensions by the teams that drafted them, and it has led to rampant speculation that both Tyreke Evans and Brandon Jennings could end up not being resigned.

The Bucks and Kings both like their guards, but really can’t see giving either a max deal at this time.

Rich Bucher of Comcast Sports Net Bay Area is reporting that both the Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings may pull the trigger and trade their young guards before the trade deadline.

Neither Tyreke Evans, nor Brandon Jennings, were given extensions this fall — so which one is more likely to be dealt before the February trade deadline or play somewhere else next season? Put your money on Jennings.

Several teams are already quietly assessing him to decide what he should be worth to them and the Bucks are aware of that. The Kings, according to a source, are simply waiting for someone else to set the value of Evans in restricted free agency next summer.

While no one can quite figure out how to best use Evans or what position he plays, he is a massive talent. The Kings know all that. They don’t want to see that talent harnessed elsewhere. They can’t afford to see that. Now, I have no one from the Bucks saying that they’re ready and willing to move Jennings, but a source indicated he’s more inclined to make his way elsewhere than Evans is.

Jennings and Evans are both talented guards.  Tyreke is more of a combo guard and my opinion and simply needs the right coach to harness all his abilities.

The Kings can complain all they want about how he’s developed, but they’ve had no hand in any positive development whatsoever.

Jennings is different in that he can be a quality point guard.  A change of scenery and teammates to help can definitely bring the best out of him.

It will be interesting to see if these two doormat franchises continue to make ridiculous roster moves.