Reporter Apologizes to Georgia Coach Mark Richt for “Awful” Judgment

We told you about UGA coach Mark Richt uncharacteristically losing his patience with a member of the media following Saturday’s SEC Championship game.  Here is a video clip of the exchange in case you missed that post (courtesy of

The person questioning Richt in the clip is Chuck Oliver, an Atlanta sports talk radio host with 680 The Fan.  Per the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Oliver apologized for his line of questioning on Monday saying he used “awful, terrible, wretched, horrid judgment”.  Oliver went on to add that immediately after the exchange he thought “I really wish I could undo the last 90 seconds of my life.”

Oliver may have been doing his job when he asked his question, but the timeliness of his inquiry is certainly up for debate.  Saturday’s SEC title game was one of the best college football games of the year, and any attempt to taint its memory with talk about Richt’s prior shortcomings in big games was inappropriate.  If there was ever a game where Rasheed Wallace’s classic “both teams played hard” quote accurately summarized a game, then UGA-Alabama was it.