Rex Ryan On Tim Tebow’s Future As A Jet: ‘We’ll See What Happens’

The writing is essentially on the wall for Tim Tebow in New York.  Everything has been said except admitting adding Tebow has been an epic fail.

As we reported last night Tebow will most likely request his release or trade in the off-season. is reporting that probably will have no problem making that request happen and Rex Ryan’s tone on the situation tells you everything you need to know.

Rex was asked about Tebow’s future with the team.

“We’ll see what happens,” coach Rex Ryan said about Tebow’s future on Wednesday. “My focus has to be with those two games and that’s it.

Ryan then spoke about the Wildcat offense and Tebow’s lack of success in using it.

“(The Wildcat) hasn’t been totally ineffective,” Ryan said.

Then again …

“It hasn’t panned out to my expectations and maybe to Tim’s either,” Ryan said.

enough said.

One thought on “Rex Ryan On Tim Tebow’s Future As A Jet: ‘We’ll See What Happens’

  • More B.S. piled higher and deeper by the minute. Ryan the lying gasbag would resign if he had any decency. But the man is shameless. And two-faced. I would hate to be stuck hoping for him to watch my back. He is a serpent.
    Now, from the Coach who couldn’t figure out how to make the Wildcat work with a left handed QB who can’t throw—his next brilliant idea? Bring in Mike “The Coach Career Killer” Vick. Priceless.

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