Rex Ryan Tells Jets Players Reports About Him Wanting Out Are A Lie

rex doesn't want out

Earlier today we reported that Jets head coach might prefer to be fired or possibly walk away if improvements are made to the teams offensive personnel.

Well somebody is not being truthful and we will get to the bottom of it.  The New York Post is reporting that Rex Ryan addressed his team earlier this morning, and stated bluntly that any reports about him wanting out are a complete lie.

NY Post: Two sources close to Ryan told The Post that the report had no validity at all.

Rex Ryan has 2 years and $6 million remaining on his contract and won’t be walking away from that money.  Keep in mind we said walk away.

If Ryan is fired, he gets that full $6 million and the option to coach elsewhere or play around on TV for a year.  Sounds more to me like it’s just Rex saving face and giving himself an out for whatever happens to take place.

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