Rick Pitino Defends Bob Costas, Rips NRA On Gun Control

There are a vast majority of opinions at this point on what should be done in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Everyone from politicians, librarians, store clerks, coaches, and athletes have given their opinion on why gun laws and gun control in this country needs to be addressed immediately.

You can now add Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino to that list as he addressed it recently with USA Today.  Pitino defended the comments of NBC sports anchor Bob Costas, and ripped into the National Rifle Association for their deaf ear on the matter.

“The fact that every single person does not want (gun control) would be a mystery,” said Pitino, who was responding to remarks made by Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim earlier in the week. “This is not the beginning of American civilization where we need guns because it’s the Wild Wild West. … There should not be guns in our society and we all know that, politicians know that.”

“I don’t care about those people,” Pitino said of the NRA. “They have their own agenda. They’ll give you this excuse of an insane person. That’s not the way it is. We don’t need guns in our society. Bob Costas took a lot of heat for what he said. What was he caring about? People not getting killed. They (the NRA) don’t care. No one’s going to take away your hunting license. This is not Wyatt Earp walking down the street where you have to have a challenge. I don’t have any respect for people with their own agenda and not our country’s agenda.”

“I can tell you one thing about politicians: This is not era of Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan. Or Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton. … What goes on between Congress and Senate, ultra left and ultra right, it’s so absurd it’s ridiculous. They all should be voted out. Nothing will be changed my estimation until you have term limits. We won’t get rid of these people. They don’t do what’s right for America. If they were doing that, then the next day the country would demand gun control.”

“I can’t fathom and imagine losing an elementary school child,” Pitino said. “I’m not sure I could ever coach again. It took me a long time to get back after 9/11.”

I’m not one to go into political rants or act like I’m a  no it all.  I have no intention of questioning the 2nd amendment or a person’s right to bear arms.

I do question the need for stores to sell AR 15’s and assault rifles that you would normally see in war.  Gun control and stiffer gun laws would not take away from a person’s second amendment.