Ricky Hatton: Manny Pacquiao Should Retire

After the knockout heard around the world, many were wondering where Manny Pacquiao’s career was headed next. It appears that Pacquiao believes he has another couple fights left in him, despite being dismantled at the hands of Marquez.

One former boxer, made it clear that he feels Pacquiao should retire.

Per Dawn.com: “The only advice I could give Manny Pacquiao is that his legacy is already secured,” Ricky Hatton said. “The thing is with us fighters is that there is always one more fight.  What’s he going to achieve by having one more fight?  Probably nothing.  He’s an eight-weight world champion.  There’s nothing more to be said.”

Hatton was knocked out himself by Pacquiao back in 2009, so he would know.