Rob Parker Said The Barbershop Upset Kevin Durant Compared Himself to Larry Bird (Video)

What Barbershop does Rob Parker and Skip Bayless go to?

I am really curious because I have been going to barbershops every couple of weeks of my life since I can remember and I have heard all type of crazy sports talk, but nothing like the barbershop they talk about on 1st take.

The last time I was at the barbershop ironically enough they were talking about RG3 and Andrew Luck. The conversation was who would be better? Someone through out Russell Wilson would end up better than both of them. I said Luck would be better long term (guess what if you didn’t know I am Black). The only time race was mentioned was when someone said.

“I hope they treat RG3 and Wilson like all the other QBs in the league, just give them a fair shake and treat them equally.”

Amazingly that is the same thing RG3 said.

Someone also said Brandon Weeden would win a Super Bowl next year, there is a reason it is called Barbershop talk.

Basketball is talked about a lot in the Barbershop and I promise you in over 20 years of being in barbershops no one has ever complained about any NBA player trying to be like Larry Bird.

Larry Bird might have been white, but he could ball and if you can ball you get the respect from everyone.

But, once again there is a guy at the Barbershop who swears Kobe went to Duke.  That is why it is called Barbershop Talk.

It is asinine that Skip would even pose this question to Rob Parker.

I think George Gervin was a great NBA player, but why would any be critical of Kevin Durant wanting to be compared to a 3 time NBA champion and one of the Top 10 players of all time?

I can’t recall anyone with any common sense who said “I wish KD compared himself to a black guy”.

Let’s just cut the BS. There is no Barbershop, these thoughts are Rob Parker’s thoughts and his alone. Skip Bayless is his puppetmaster and Parker has fallen into the trap. In his efforts to be more like Skip he has only found himself suspended and probably fired from ESPN.

4 thoughts on “Rob Parker Said The Barbershop Upset Kevin Durant Compared Himself to Larry Bird (Video)

  • Unreal, the amount of stories coming out about people bringing up race is just absurd. WHO CARES? For once, Stephen A. brought up a great point – if you can play, you can play. Between this story and RG3’s kerfuffle I am done with ESPN. They let these guys spew whatever they want and in my opinion it is pure ignorance.

  • See, Skip can get right up to the racial borderline then retreat back QUICKLY. Parker goes too far and when you offend white people (those rich guys at Adidas, ESPN Producers and Dan Snyder) you usually end up broke.

    Dont be mad Rob (Parker), UPS is hirin!

  • Well I can ONLY SPEAK for myself and My VERY CLOSE Friends and Family Members/Relatives and the VERY LAST PEOPLE we would want to be COMPARED WITH are White People (Just don’t see how that serves a VALID PURPOSE of Any Kind Though…)

    If you can’t find a Highly Regarded and Influential BLACK PERSON Worthy of Comparing Me with Then DON’T COMPARE ME TO ANYONE THEM!!!

    I Don’t NEED WHITE FOLKS Approval and/or Acceptance to VALIDATE ME but That’s just HOW I WAS REARED Though (YUP…)

  • Elove you need to move to Canada then maybe you would see not everyone sees the world in black and white. I feel sorry for you if you think all white people cannot help you. Speaks to how rotten racial tension is in the USA.

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