Roger Staubach Says Tony Romo Is Up There With The Best Of The Best In NFL

romo best of the best

Roger Staubach is one of the all time greats in the NFL, and definitely one of the greatest Cowboys of all time.  When Rogers gives you a compliment you are officially the real deal.

Staubach was talking recently in preparation for Sunday nights epic Cowboys vs Redskins tilt, when he was asked about Tony Romo.

Staubach has always been a staunch defender of Romo, but now according to ESPN Dallas, Staubach thinks “Romo is up there with the best of the best in the NFL.”

“I think Tony hopefully is going to win a Super Bowl and if he doesn’t he’s going to be one of the great quarterbacks to have played in the NFL, like a Dan Marino and there’s really great quarterbacks that haven’t (won a Super Bowl),” Staubach said. “His career, he’s still got years left, but what he’s done and accomplished is fantastic. The guy is really a good quarterback. He’s in the top five quarterbacks as far as I’m concerned today. He’s right there with the best of the best in the NFL. It would be nice to have it all click at the same time and put together a Super Bowl run, which look at what he Giants did last year, they were 7-7 and got the whole thing together.

“Tony is part of the reason it can happen. He’s not the reason it won’t happen. It’s the reason it could happen because he is truly one of the really great quarterbacks in the NFL today. And his play on the field proves it. I had the same feeling when Troy got on the field as I do with Tony. When we finally got Aikman I said, ‘We finally got a chance to win this game.’ And now I feel the same with Tony. We have a chance, as long as he’s in there, to win the game. I think Troy and I both at times had stronger teams than Tony has, but Tony, he’s got some good things cooking now.”

If Romo can pull it off Sunday night and go on a run during the playoffs, he can finally dispel so many doubters.