Russell Westbrook Just Being Russell In GQ Photo Spread (Photos)

As evidenced by his ensemble of different wardrobe looks during the Western Conference and NBA Finals, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is as eccentric as they come, and quite frankly he doesn’t care.

Westbrook is essentially what GQ magazine was made for, a different look, an ability to try new things without a whim.  Lang Whitaker was excited to feature Russell Westbrook on the cover and inside of GQ magazine, and describes in the piece the moment Westbrook became a fashion icon.

If you’re trying to pinpoint the moment when Russell Westbrook graduated from rising NBA star to hipster-sports-fan icon, the answer is May 14, 2012. That evening, the Oklahoma City point guard lit the fuse on the Thunder’s near playoff sweep of the Lakers with twenty-seven points. But it wasn’t anything he did during the game. It was what happened after the game, when Westbrook arrived at the press conference wearing lensless red-framed glasses and a Lacoste polo shirt festooned with candy-colored fishhooks. Instantly his kooky couture was a worldwide trending topic.

“I wasn’t trying to make a fashion statement,” says Westbrook, 24. “I just thought it was a nice shirt.”

We present more of Russell Westbrook being Russell.