Russell Westbrook Wants to Participate in Dunk Contest “Before It’s Too Late”

We’ve all expressed our frustration with how far the NBA Dunk Contest has fallen since the good ole’ days when superstars like Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, and Vince Carter headlined the event.  High-flying Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook provided us with a little hope when he spoke about the possibility of participating in the contest on earlier today (via “I would (like to) before it’s too late,” Westbrook said on Thursday. “But I don’t know whether I’m going to feel like doing it or not.”

Let’s hope that more stars share Westbrook’s sentiment.  These guys grew up watching the same great NBA Dunk Contest showdowns that you and I did, so you have to think that a few of them dreamed of competing in the event themselves.  A Russell Westbrook vs. Blake Griffin duel would make for great barbershop debate.  Besides, how else will we be able to decide if Westbrook is the overall athlete in the league?