Ryan Clark Says The Bengals Need To Prove They’re Not Scared Of Steelers

The Steelers need help to get into the playoffs, and what better way to try to help yourself as a team then to fire a shot, talk a little trash and get a mental win in the process.

Right now the Bengals are in the Playoffs and the Steelers who are a game behind in the division and overall need to get a win against the Bengals to have any shot of making the playoffs.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark told NFL.com that the Bengals need to “come out, have a slug fest, and prove they are not scared of the Steelers.”

“They don’t care about us. They came out before the last game and tried to start a fight with our long snapper,” Clark recalled. “I think it was a smart pick because you pick somebody else, it might be trouble. But I think it was for them to say, ‘Hey, we’re not scared of you guys. We think we can beat you.'”

“We understand their mentality coming in. But you have to come out and prove it,” Clark said. “The Bengals have to come in here and be ready to to  and stand in the middle of the field and slug it out. We like doing that, we’re used to doing that and the best team will win.”

The Steelers have won 5 straight against the Bengals, and need to make it 6 straight to have any shot at making the playoffs.

Slugfest it is.