Seahawks Richard Sherman Says Russell Wilson Better Than Luck, RG3

The Seattle Seahawks are poised to make the playoffs with a physical defense and an efficient rookie quarterback.

The Seahawks love their quarterback and support him greatly, so much that they’ve gotten a little delusional in their thinking.

Seattle’s Richard Sherman was discussing Wilson with USA Today reporter Mike Garafolo when he took his support to a new level by suggesting Wilson was better than Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

“They’re going to hype who they’re going to hype, and you’re in the Seattle market, and it doesn’t matter what you do,” Sherman said, referring to Luck and Griffin, the top two picks in this year’s NFL draft, as opposed to Wilson, a third rounder. “He’s beat the Bears, the Packers, the Patriots. You show me another quarterback with his resume, and I’ll show you a great quarterback. But he doesn’t get the credit because they don’t want to give him the credit. They don’t want to make him a big name. They make the guys a big name who they want to make a big name.

“He’s a great quarterback, and he’s probably a little better than those guys.”

I’m going to hold off on my Adderall jokes and just come out and say Richard Sherman is a good defensive back, but he’s lost his mind.  Robert Griffin III has the Redskins smelling the playoffs and is so dynamic a player, he’s causing Giants linemen to have nightmares.

RG3 has 3,000 total yards already and 23 touchdowns with 5 games to play.

Andrew Luck has close to 3,600 passing yards with 4 games to play.  Oh yea and his team sits at 8-4 with four games remaining.  Yes those same Colts who won 2 games last year and were able to select Luck with the first overall pick.

Russell Wilson is a nice, efficient gutsy rookie with a nice future, lets leave it at that Richard Sherman.