Sources Report Jets Will Fire OC and Demote GM

mike tannenbaum new york jets GM

The New York Jets have been a circus all season long and the circus just continues to add new acts. This week the Jets play the Buffalo Bills and Mark Sanchez will most likely make his final start as the Jets QB.

This would be more than enough intrigue to carry the back pages in NY, but of course the Jets need to add the cherry on top. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that sources say the Jets will make changes on the coaching staff and in the front office.

According to sources, the Jets do not plan to bring back offensive coordinator Tony Sparano (the Jets are ranked 30th in total offense in Sparano’s first season in the role) and Johnson has been putting out feelers for ideas to determine the ideal structure of his front office.

According to those sources the Jets will not make a change at Head Coach.

Some league sources believe coach Rex Ryan, who will return, would be best served working again with general manager Mike Tannenbaum.

Schefter’s sources seem to think that Tannenbaum will return as acting GM next season but there have been rumblings of a possible demotion. Tannenbaum would take a lesser position and focus on managing the cap and negotiating contracts, which many people believe to be his strong points.

The Jets would then be on the market for a new GM that they could pair with Rex Ryan to build a tough nose football team that New York could be proud of calling their own.