Steelers James Harrison Says He Hits Players in the Knees Now Instead of Head

I am not shocked by this, because you can barely breath on a player these days without getting flagged or fine, so what Harrison is saying makes perfect sense courtesy of Pro Football Talk.

“I’ve really lowered my target area to where it’s down around the knees,” Harrison said. “Situations come along where you could tackle the guy high. I don’t do that anymore. I tackle the guy low.”

Harrison referenced his hit to the knee of Broncos receiver Eric Decker in last year’s playoffs.

“I could have tackled him high, but if I had hit him high, I probably would have gotten a helmet-to-helmet or something and gotten fined,” Harrison said. “So I hit him low and strained his MCL. . . . They’re saying it’s a life-threatening injury to hit a guy in the head and he gets a concussion and so on and so forth, but I think a life-threatening injury is to go low on a guy and blow out his ACL or whatever, and he’s not able to come back the way he was before. Now he can’t make a living, he can’t feed his family, he can’t do what he does. That’s life-threatening to me.”

Even though Harrison has had some blatant illegal hits, I do agree with him on this point.