Stephon Marbury Refuses to Pay Jump-Off Hush Money

Stephon Marbury is pulling the plug.  According to TMZ the former basketball star says he refuses to pay his mistress from 2006, Thurayyah Mitchell, another dime in hush money.

Marbury and Mitchell, who was working as his personal chef at the time, had an agreement that he would pay her $900,000 in return for her staying mum about the affair. Marbury stopped making payments in 2010 after already coughing up $600,000.  Mitchell sued him for the remainder and won.   Marbury is now fighting back, saying he will not pay her another dime because she breached the original agreement by filing the court documents publicly.  A judge has yet to rule on the case.

$900,000!!!???  That’s an expensive affair, and I bet if you asked Marbury he’d say it wasn’t even worth it, but he WAS silly enough to agree to the egregious sum.  If you ask me, she shouldn’t benefit another dime for being a home wrecking jump off.