Steve Nash Doesn’t Want Ex-Wife & Kids to Move to LA Because of Child Support Laws

Child support laws vary in different states.

Arizona child support laws are more favorable toward men than the California laws. Nash’s ex-wife seems to be aware of that and according to TMZ is trying to move to LA to take advantage.

Nash according to TMZ is fighting the move to LA legally.

Alejandra has hired a big time divorce lawyer in in LA, Lance Spiegel, to represent her in both Arizona and California courts.

It is a weird situation because it makes Nash looks like he wants to be farther away from his children than closer, but it is more about protecting his pockets long term.

Nash left his wife shortly after the birth of their 3rd child and has a new girlfriend that he has been with for almost two years now. There was speculation that Nash left because the baby was actually one of his teammates, but that rumor was false.