Steve Nash Out At Least Another Two Weeks


It is getting to the point you have to wonder if Nash will be back before the All-Star Break. What started off as him being out a week has turned into over a month and he isn’t coming back any time soon. How do we know that? Because Nash reported it himself.

According to David Leon Moore of USA Today:

D’Antoni speculated Sunday that Nash might return at some point on the upcoming road trip but Nash told USA TODAY Sports that won’t happen.

“I think it will be at least another two weeks,” Nash said. “I can move. I can shoot. I just can’t run full speed. And I’m not even in shape. I’ll probably need at least a week of practice once I start running.”

It looks like the problem has more to do with nerve irritation than a broken bone.

Steve Nash’s delayed return to the Los Angeles Lakers has more to do with nerve irritation in his lower left leg than the fracture he suffered, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Nash appeared set to return from a non-displaced fractured left fibula about three to four weeks ago. His fibula has healed well, but what caused the setback was a nerve irritation that surfaced in the leg during his rehabilitation, sources said. The nerve caused Nash pain any time he put pressure on it.