Teenage Rapper Claims He’s Michael Jordan’s Secret Son (Video)

Taj Jordan Michael Jordan Secret Son

We know that it is possible for athletes to have secret children. From Dr. J to Karl Malone and most recently Dwight Howard (5 kids by 5 baby mamas), it isn’t unheard of for these type of things to take place.  With that being said this particular story seem to have some red flags.

Before we get to those, here is what Taj Jordan had to say on Christmas about his alleged father Michael Jordan.


According to Taj, his mother Pamela Smith had a brief affair with Jordan and kept it a secret that he was the boy’s father.  Taj claims now that Jordan is fully aware he is the father.

Taj says he has been emotionally scared by the experience and felt the truth needed to be told.

Now, Taj is an aspiring rapper, so we can’t be sure if this is just a way to get some attention for his fledgling rap career.

Seems a little odd that someone would drop this type of information on Youtube instead of talking to his alleged father first. Either way it wouldn’t be first time a ball player had a kid he didn’t want the world to know about or someone is just trying to capitalize off a ball players name for attention whoring purposes.

Who do you believe?

Why you are thinking here is Taj Jordan rap video.


One thought on “Teenage Rapper Claims He’s Michael Jordan’s Secret Son (Video)

  • Why does this kid feel we need to know? Look the only person that needs to know who your daddy is, is your daddy! Seems like your just doing this to get “publicly” noticed. Let me tell you something dude, nobody cares if your Michael Jordan’s son. The only ones that should care about that is between you and him. Why every body else in the world? Who cares what they think!

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