The NFL to Provide Benefits To Jovan Belcher’s Daughter Zoey Through College


I just pray that this money that the NFL and Chiefs will be providing little Zoey will be used properly by her legal guardian.

Here are the details provided by The Big Lead.

According to’s Ian Rapoport, as part of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, Zoey’s guardian or her estate will receive $9,000 per month over the next four years, which amounts to $109,000 per year. In the fifth year, she’ll receive $48,000. From then on, she’ll be given $52,000 per year each year until she turns 18 or 23, depending on whether she goes to college.

Currently the three month old is in the custody of Belcher’s mother who unfortunately had the horrid of being at the scene when her son shot and killed Zoey’s mother.



  1. It was irresponsible for the NFL to release how much his Estate is worth. Now let’s see how many will jump at the chance to adopt or raise this baby,after they have said so many negative things about him without being present when any of this happened. The NFL didn’t release Junior Seau’s Estate, or Steven McNair’s, so what’s up with this?

  2. Classy move by the NFL and the Chiefs to provide for baby Zoey. I too pray that the money is not abused and goes to raise her and that financial burden is taken off the caregiver

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