The Rob Parker Scale of Blackness Released, See If You Are Down For the Cause (Photo)


I will be honest I scored terribly on the Blackness Scale.

I must be a cornball brother, because I love the Big Bang Theory and follow NASCAR. I guess I have to hand in my Black Card at one of Rob Parker’s Barbershops.

I think Skip Bayless may rate higher than me on the Blackness Scale, how shall I ever live with myself knowing that knowledge. Maybe Brother Parker can help me get my blackness back by telling me what cause I need to down for.

Rob Parker is still suspended indefinitely for his ignorant remarks about RG3.

Follow the creator of the Rob Parker Scale of Blackness @interactappme


  1. @AJ
    You should like a BYTCH-AZZ STALKER… How in Dee Fuck you going to tell a GROWN-AZZ MAN WTF TO DO You F-ing TRICK-BYTCH!!!!!

    Maannnnn Go suck on THAT STD-Riddles DYCK you be SUCKING ON and STOP WORRYING About Me or ANYBODY that choose to Post Here… YOU Undercover HOMOSEXUALS aka DL DUDES are The ABSOLUTE WORST Though SMDH

  2. Aj I am not a woman. I know Robert is a faggot, you were caught fucking him.. I doubt Black women give a shit about Robert and those faggot lips and torn apart ass. His tweets pretending to like women are pathetic. He should be concerned about that ugly little beast he has. Princess? Of what asscrackuglyville. I wish today’s black men would stop sucking dick!

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