The Top 10 BSO Stories of 2012

Sara Jay Angelina Castro blow jobs heat

2012 was our 5th consecutive year of growth on the site with over 50 million readers in the past 12 months, so without further ado here are the Top 10 BSO stories of 2012.

1- Porn Stars Sara Jay and Angelina Castro Give Details on How to Collect BJ For Heat Title

I call these throw away stories, just something silly to throw out there that isn’t suppose to be taken that seriously.  This one was taking seriously, not just by the readers, but also the NBA once they caught wind of it.  To the point that David Stern tried to shut the entire thing down.

But even Dictator Stern couldn’t stop Heat fans from getting their BJ as over 500 guys came to collect, no pun intended.

2- ESPN’s Rob Parker Says RG3 Might Be a “Cornball Brother” Because of White Fiancee

ESPN maybe prospering business wise, but reputation wise it was a tough year.  Highlighted by Rob Parker’s ignorant statements about RG3 being a cornball brother because of the way he lives his life outside of the football field.  While ESPN has a lot of quality programs it has been taking over by Skip Bayless types and that isn’t a good thing going into 2013.

3- Dwight Howard’s Secret Baby Mamas Hope Alexa,Tiffany Render & Maybe More

The Summer of the Dwightmare was highlighted not just by his free agency waffling, but by the fact it was revealed his squeaky clean image isn’t a clean as he wold have you believed.

As we learned that Dwight doesn’t have just one child as he claims, but 5.

4- Capitals Joel Ward Scores Game 7 Overtime Winner – Bruins Fans Unleash N-Word Barrage on Twitter

There was some ugly moments on Twitter this year in regard to athletes getting death threats and other threats.  None worse than Capitals Joel Ward who was bombarded with some of the most hate filled Tweets of the year.

5- Wanetta Gibson Who Falsely Accused HS Star Brian Banks of Rape & Destroyed His Life

The story of Brian Banks captured our attention this summer as well.  A USC HS recruit who was falsely accused of rape and spent 6 years in jail.  Wanetta Gibson was expose as not just a liar, but someone who fraudulently won a settlement on the false claim.

6- When Thinking an Athlete Cares Goes Wrong Starring: Javale Mcgee, Ayana Marie and a bag of Chipotle

Our best Groupie Tale of the year, which created a term called the “Chipotle Girl”.

7- Chad Johnson Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges for Head Butting Evelyn Lozada

Ochocinco seemed to have everything going for him.  A fresh start with the Dolphins and a new reality show with his wife Evelyn Lozada.  It all came crashing down in one night because of a condom receipt.

8- SI Cover Girl Kate Upton Outtakes From Terry Richardson PhotoShoot

We could have done a Top 10 of just Kate Upton stories, but this was the most popular one of the year.

9- Caption The Photo: Andrew Bynum’s Hair..I Simply Have No Words

It is Bynum’s world we are just living in it.

10- The Best of The Manny Pacquiao Knockout Memes & Photoshops

One punch spawned a million Memes and got Justin Beiber banned from the Philippines.

BONUS: Chad Johnson Sex Tape Released (Video)

A late edition but has been buzzing now for a week and it makes Chad Johnson the only athlete to make an appearance on the list twice.

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