Thursday Night Football: Bengals vs Eagles Recap

Bengals: 34

Eagles: 13

The Bengals got a much needed victory to keep their playoff hopes alive, as they eye that final Wild Card spot which is just two more wins away. First they’d have to dispatch of the decimated Eagles, with Nick Foles under center, despite Vick being labeled as healthy.

The Bengals had all the early momentum–or momentum in general, as a costly Eagles fumble by Jeremy Macklin resulted in a touchdown for the Bengals. Eagles failed to get their offense in motion for the entire game, as Foles began to break down in the third quarter. That’s also when the Bengals went into high gear and Dalton poured on the points.

The Bengals path to the playoffs is simple: win the next two games for a 10-6 record, and they’re in. But what’s not simple are their opponents. The Bengals face their two biggest AFC North rivals, the Steelers and Ravens, so they’ve got a lot of work to do. But taking apart a very weak Eagles team was a good start, especially coming off a game that they essentially donated to the Cowboys.