Tim Duncan: I don’t Care if I Make the All-Star Team

When you have accomplished as much as Tim Duncan has in a career, the small things begin to not matter as much. Tim Duncan has put up 18 points and 10 rebounds a game this season, numbers that certainly warrant all-star consideration. However, Duncan really doesn’t care either way if he makes it.

He elaborated recently.

Per My San Antonio:

“I will not be campaigning,” he said. “I haven’t heard what Pop’s been saying, but I guess I’ve got to talk to him.

“I wouldn’t complain if I’m not on the (All-Star) roster. I want to play well and want to feel good about what I’m doing on the court, but I am not going to be unhappy if I don’t make it.”

At this point in his career, you can understand Duncan’s point of view. All he really cares about is championships.