Tim Tebow Feels Misled By Jets After McElroy Gets Starting Job

If the Jets told Tim Tebow after they traded for him that he would have an opportunity to start if Mark Sanchez was benched or hurt then they didn’t just mislead him as reported by Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, they flat out lied to him.

The Jets are out of the playoff race and they have nothing to lose, but I think I know why McElroy is starting.

If the Jets started Tebow in the last two games and he won those games, there would be pressure to not only bring him back to the team, but also let him start next year. Also, Tebow is owed bonus money if he plays a certain amount of snaps thee Jets don’t want to pay that either.

Which begs the question why in the blue hell did they bring in Tebow in the first place?

2 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Feels Misled By Jets After McElroy Gets Starting Job

  • I don’t doubt that Tebow questions Rex Ryan why he isn’t starting, but the article by Mike Freeman is simply his opinion with nothing actually from Tebow. Freeman just thinks Tebow feels misled, it becomes a story when Tebow actually says he feels misled.

  • Your title is MISLEADING. Are you serious with this garbage? You call this journalism??

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