Tim Tebow ripped by Anonymous Broncos Players

The anonymous Tim Tebow slander continues to pile up, this time from his former team–the Denver Broncos.

Fresh off clinching the AFC West, Broncos players have been all too candid about the seemingly overnight transformation the team has taken.

According to Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com anonymous Broncos players have stepped forward to expose life under Tebow-mania.

When Tim was here we saw the issues up close…the Jets didn’t and now they’re seeing the problems, too.

The player then went on to add:

I feel really, really bad for Tim. He’s a good person, just not an NFL Quarterback.

Reportedly a lot of Broncos players voiced their displeasure over Tebow’s ‘heroics’ and hype, and even went on to say that they were better than their 8-8 record indicated and that Tebow held them back.

Even more scathing were the comments in comparison to Peyton Manning.

This year we won the division with 4 games left. That’s all Peyton Manning. If Tebow were here, we’d be squeaking out wins, or losing games we shouldn’t be losing. The division would be coming down to the last game.

The player then went on to say:

He’s a good guy. But you can’t turn Tim into something he’s not, and he’s not an NFL Quaterback. He’s more of a gimmick player.

Say what you will about the sneakiness of the all-too-popular ‘anonymous comment’. But one thing remains true, whether you like Tebow or not, before he was put under center the Broncos were 1-4. And with Tebow they made it to the second round of the playoffs, and all I, and everyone else saw we’re players laughing and smiling.

So it’s a bit low that now that the Broncos have one of the greatest players of all time leading them, they choose now to rip Tebow. It would’ve served them best to stay mum and worry about the post season.

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