Titans DT Jurrell Casey: We’re Going to Keep Embarrassing Mark Sanchez

Titans defensive tackle Jurrell Casey was a teammate of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez while the two played at USC. One would think that perhaps he and Sanchez are friends and he has sympathy for the troubles that have fallen upon the struggling quarterback.

Apparently, not.

Per Titansinsider.com“I played with him one year. Being there, he was a good quarterback and he did what he had to do. And still to this day, he’s doing a decent job. He’s going to be a good threat out there and we’ve got to make sure we stop him.”

“It’s a tough place to play out there, and if you’re not ready for the job, don’t do it,” He said. “You’ve got to step up to the plate, and he ain’t stepped up to the plate yet. We’re just going to keep embarrassing him and bringing more heat and let their fans do what they’ve got to do.”

We’ll see just how embarrassing things get Monday night when the Titans take on the Jets.