Tom Coughlin Wants The Giants To Finish Season Off With Pride

couglin wants giants to finish

The New York Giants have faded down the stretch again, and with a long off-season of changing coming it would be imperative to go out on a good note.

Head coach Tom Coughlin has ring protection now so he won’t have an embattled off-season, but according to the Star-Ledger, Coughlin wants the Giants to finish the season off with “pride,” in a game they can be proud of.

“It’s all three phases playing well together,” Coughlin said. “You have a couple phases that are not doing their job right now and they have to if we’re going to resurrect a little bit of pride here in our last game.”

“I would like to see our team play an astounding football game, a game in which the execution of our team is significantly better than what we have seen over the last couple weeks,” Coughlin said.

“Will I be proud of the season?” Coughlin asked rhetorically. “Right now I have a short memory and I’ve got these two games (on my mind). I’m proud of the individuals, I’m not proud of what’s been accomplished.”

“That’s what I talked to our team about this morning – was pride, honor, dignity, playing the game the way we’re capable of playing the game,” Coughlin said. “Finish the season with a game we can all be proud of.”

The Giants are a mess right now and just like their New York brethren, the G-Men must now retool their defense and plug some holes in the roster.