Tony Dungy: Peyton Manning could Never be a Coach

Tony Dungy was the head coach for many years of the Indianapolis Colts. While there, he had the benefit of Peyton manning being his quarterback.

Having Manning meant Dungy had the free reign to let his quarterback call many of the offensive plays while he focused on other things. One would think that since Manning is so good at calling plays, maybe that could translate to him being a good head coach one day.

Dungy was quick to shoot that idea down, when asked whether Peyton could be a coach.

Per the Dan Patrick Show: “No, absolutely not, because he would expect that from everybody, and he doesn’t realize, everybody’s not Peyton Manning,” Dungy said. “Everybody doesn’t work that hard, everybody can’t be at that level all the time. It would frustrate him to death.

Dungy noted that he would have to tell Peyton to ease off because he always wanted to add new plays to their offense.

He’s got 25 things we can run and he knows they’ll be touchdown plays,” Dungy said. “You have to say, ‘Peyton, they are great plays — they probably would be touchdowns. You could put them in just like that. Everybody can’t. The other 10 guys can’t handle those 25 new plays.’”

Interesting points by Dungy.

Sometimes, when a player is so good it might be hard for that player to understand why others can’t do the same things he did.