Torii Hunter Says Having A Gay Teammate Would Be Difficult And Uncomfortable

Detroit Tigers Hold Press Conference Introducing Torii Hunter

Homosexuality is a topic that is discussed and debated on a daily basis.  The one place where it gets swept under the rug or avoided is the sports world.

For years there has been the ongoing stigma that no well-known homosexual athlete from a major sport would ever come out the closet.

Boxer Orlando Cruz has had the guts to do it recently, but that’s about it.  One of the reason many athletes who are would never think of being openly homosexual is because of comments like the ones Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter made recently.

Larry Brown Sports is reporting that Hunter who has always been considered a good guy and lockerroom leader was asked about the topic recently by L.A. Times, and responded by saying having a gay teammate would be “difficult and uncomfortable.”

“For me, as a Christian … I will be uncomfortable because in all my teachings and all my learning, biblically, it’s not right,” Hunter told the Times. “It will be difficult and uncomfortable.”

To each his own in this day and time.  I think there are more pressing issues in society to focus on besides whether your teammate likes men or not.

As long as he doesn’t come onto you, it shouldn’t be a problem.

22 thoughts on “Torii Hunter Says Having A Gay Teammate Would Be Difficult And Uncomfortable

  • Good to see Torii not Kow-towing to the Gay Mafia, enough of this PC namby pamby crap. Most sane,normal, decent people don’t want to be around this perverted filth

    • Biblical teachings also justified slavery and racism right up until the civil rights movement, when it was mostly gays in the white population that gave the civil rights movement support. If Torii knew anything about black history, he would know that if it wasn’t for the early support of gays in the civil rights movement there is a very good chance he would not be playing on a team with white men today. The vast majority of white support at the start of the civil rights movement came from white gay people. Shame on him or using religion as an excuse to hate gays the very same way the white man did to blacks decades ago.

  • Eric, I don’t know where you got your misinformation, but it is so far gone from reality of what happened it’s unreal. Gays did not play a major role in the civil rights movement. No wonder people have problems with some gays, they talk about issues they know nothing about!

    • I am blessed to have obtained age 75 years this year.
      I entered a Historical Southern Black College in 1956
      and Black gays did play a major role in the civil rights
      movement. Before you make a statement, Please study Black History and learn about the great males and
      females gays who worked with Martin Luther king and other Activist of all ages and races to obtain equal rights for ALL BLACKS regardless to sexual orientation.

    • Hey rocket scientist, did you read what I said before responding to it?

  • I don’t think the black community is very sympathetic to gay rights, and perhaps Torii’s statements will shed some much needed light on the topic. It’s a very interesting dynamic, and one worthy of discussion. I am glad to see people talking about this in a civil manner on websites just like this one, and I really hope that people look in their hearts and truly admit that Hunter is on the wrong side of things here. It’s amazing how quickly we forget about “Colored Drinking Fountains” – how ridiculous was that??? And blacks and whites couldn’t swim in the same pool because people thought the water would be tainted – that’s insane!!! I believe that the black community needs to think more reasonably about the gay question, in particular, because of those things. It’s tough, black people didn’t ask to be at the center of this controversy, but considering the history of discrimination in this country, their voices might be heard louder than the rest. Happy New Year to all, best in 2013.

  • Some white people are uncomfortable with sharing a locker room with an openly black man. Does that mean Torii should not be able to play on a team with whites?

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