Torii Hunter Says Having A Gay Teammate Would Be Difficult And Uncomfortable

Detroit Tigers Hold Press Conference Introducing Torii Hunter

Homosexuality is a topic that is discussed and debated on a daily basis.  The one place where it gets swept under the rug or avoided is the sports world.

For years there has been the ongoing stigma that no well-known homosexual athlete from a major sport would ever come out the closet.

Boxer Orlando Cruz has had the guts to do it recently, but that’s about it.  One of the reason many athletes who are would never think of being openly homosexual is because of comments like the ones Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter made recently.

Larry Brown Sports is reporting that Hunter who has always been considered a good guy and lockerroom leader was asked about the topic recently by L.A. Times, and responded by saying having a gay teammate would be “difficult and uncomfortable.”

“For me, as a Christian … I will be uncomfortable because in all my teachings and all my learning, biblically, it’s not right,” Hunter told the Times. “It will be difficult and uncomfortable.”

To each his own in this day and time.  I think there are more pressing issues in society to focus on besides whether your teammate likes men or not.

As long as he doesn’t come onto you, it shouldn’t be a problem.

22 thoughts on “Torii Hunter Says Having A Gay Teammate Would Be Difficult And Uncomfortable

  • Oh no, someone said something that doesn’t heap praise all over gays…oh the horror, let the outrage begin.

  • There was a time when many athletes said the exact same thing about having a black teammate!

  • So what, I’m so tired of hypersenstive homosexual, who think no one is entitle to their honest opinion.

  • Ridiculous comment from Mr.Torri Hunter hes probably already sharing his locker room with gay guys.Gay doesnt
    mean you swing you hands or prance around like a lady.Ive
    seen plenty masculine gay guys

  • Well if hes Christian he should read his Bible more 2Samuel 1:26 about Johnathan and David

    • Dude stop with the Gay Nonsense, Daid an Jonatowere best fiends like brothers, not deviant butt bandits, so stop trying to put a gay spin on it

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