Torii Hunter Says His Anti Gay Comments Were Taken Out Of Context

Detroit Tigers Hold Press Conference Introducing Torii Hunter

Yesterday we reported on the L.A. Times article regarding gay athletes in sports, and how athletes would feel having them as teammates.

The L.A. Times asked Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter his opinion and how he would feel having a homosexual teammate.  Hunter reportedly responded by saying ‘having a gay teammate would be difficult and uncomfortable.’

Hunter reportedly feels that way because of his christian upbringing.

Today after receiving heated criticism from the L.A. Times and others around the sports world, Hunter is backpedaling on his statement.

Hunter says his statements in the article were misrepresented.  Again Hunter did not deny making any such statements, he just said his comments were taken out of context.

torii hunter backpedals on statements


Hunter is receiving some harsh criticism for he misrepresented statements.

JohnnyFelix wrote: “I guess Torii just skipped over all that stuff that Jesus taught in the New Testament.”

SomethingSomething wrote: “Now I’m very happy the Angels got rid of Torii Hunter. He went from a player I liked and admired to someone I cannot root for.”

Again as I wrote yesterday, there are more pressing things in this world to focus on, than whether or not your teammate likes men.

We have to do better.

One thought on “Torii Hunter Says His Anti Gay Comments Were Taken Out Of Context

  • Why do athletes retract from their statements. #2 why do people get their panties in a wad when someone disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle? Who cares. We all got opinions. People need to get over it. Torii I respected you more had you stuck with your guns.

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