Tracy McGrady Elbows Chinese Player In Chest For Taunting Him (Video)

Tracy McGrady has had an interesting go of it so far in China.  McGrady had fans throwing bottles on the court during an exhibition game because he didn’t play.

During McGrady’s first meaningful game, he had a chance to win it on the final possession, but was subsequently stripped and had to watch his team lose a game at the buzzer.  

Recently during another game, an opposing player hit a three in McGrady’s face and hit T-Mac with the finger wag.  That must have been a no-no, because McGrady calmly ran back down court for offense, and after the player got position behind, McGrady leveled him with a vicious elbow to the chest.

The player may have flopped, but the point was made, don’t try to upstage a legend.

Video courtesy of the Big Lead