Vikings Say Adrian Peterson’s Rushing Record Is Not Their Focus

Vikings running back is barreling towards smashing the NFL’s rushing yards in a season record at the same time that his 8-6 team in a fight for a playoff spot.

That equation is not absent in the conscience of Vikings especially quarterback Christian Ponder who while appearing on “NFL AM,” on NFL Network stated that Peterson’ singular goal is not the teams ultimate focus.

“That is not really our focus,” Ponder told NFL A-M on Thursday. “Obviously our focus is to keep our Wild Card spot that we have right now and making the playoffs is our No. 1 goal. But we obviously really want Adrian to get that record and we are going to keep handing the ball off to him and if he keeps doing what he’s doing, especially the past eight games, then hopefully he’ll achieve that record.

“I think it’s important for him and it’s important for us, for him to get that.”

Peterson is projected to get 268 yards in the final two games.