What Happens When Married NBA Player Won’t Acknowledge Secret Kid During Holidays?

I need to talk to the homie Donte Greene.

Just last year after he knocked up some woman (not his wife) named Marcia Grant she want on Facebook and went on an epic rant about him not paying child support and being a deadbeat dad, etc etc.

Now, just over a year later he has a woman on Twitter Jennifer Clark who has a four month old baby claiming it is his, ranting that he refuses to acknowledge his kid.


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Before I get back to Greene these Tweets made me laugh, so I thought I would share.

I am not sure if Greene’s idol is Dwight Howard (Dwight has 5 baby mamas and counting), but he isn’t making Dwight Howard money (Greene doesn’t currently play for a NBA team), so he needs to get it together.

Because what is going to happen in the near future is the wife and the secret baby mamas are going to team up and have Greene on Dr. Phil looking like this.


And buy some condoms, they are $8 for goodness sakes.


Another was come forward stated she also has a new born with Donte Greene. He is being accused of having three kids under the age of 1. One by his wife and 2 by his mistresses. Greene also has a 4th child that that is either 3-4 years old.

9 thoughts on “What Happens When Married NBA Player Won’t Acknowledge Secret Kid During Holidays?

  • Rob, Thanks for the laugh this morning. I live my some of these fools and I forget all about the Kings still playing here. LOL!!! Thanks to you and Ms. Jill for reminding me that Sacramento has a team.

  • Nothing like multiple kids with different women to show what a big man you are. All that wonderful baby mama drama and child support payments……Go head Donte..you da man…..

  • The majority of these women’s goal is to become impregnated by a professional athlete so they can set themselves up for the next 18 years. And these dumbass athletes keep taking the bait and knockin these chicks up like there’s no tommorow. I’m sure Donte didn’t sit down with each of these 3 women to talk about starting a family with them before he smashed. Maybe these females keep assuring him they’re on the pill and he believes them. *smdh*

    • What is clear is that Donte Greene is having unprotected sex all across America.

      • Say it again please! All he had to do was say no since he is married. Since he is weak willed and can’t pass up pucci, the least he could have done was wrap it up. He now has two outside children and who knows what other diseases he has brought home too.

        • He has a third one on the way…

          If I were his wife, I’d have a HIV test done asap and if she is willing to stay with the womanizer, she should make him wear condoms if she wants to stay alive until her children are all grown-up.

    • It doesn’t matter what they tell him. He shouldn’t be sticking women that aren’t his wife. If they say they are on the pill and he bumps without protection, he is foul and an idiot for that. He should be protecting himself while he is cheating to make sure he doesn’t bring anything home. He should be wearing a condom, pulling out, and keeping a supply of Plan B to make sure no accidents happen. I’m convinced most dgaf and figure they have enough money to throw at the problem to keep the baby mama at bay and make sure the wife stays.

  • I think that the real fool in the Donte Greene Babies’s Mommas drama is his wife.

  • Center Court is a restaurant/bar Chris Webber used to own in Sacramento

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