What Pacquiao v Marquez 4 Means For Manny’s Future and Legacy

Manny Pacquiao was supposed to show the world that he was the best pound for pound fighter and that his last loss was a fluke. Instead he showed that he is a fighter that can be out schemed and no longer a great boxer that can adjust throughout a fight. Manny lost more than just a fight on Saturday night, he lost a chance at a monster pay day and possibly his ranking amongst the greatest boxers of all-time.

Marquez exploited Manny’s use of a straight left hand all fight long and picked his spots to throw his powerful overhand right hooks. Manny was ahead on my card 46 – 45 as the 6th round was coming to an end. Marquez began to show signs of fatigue and Manny thought that he had an opportunity to make a statement as the round closed. It was obvious to everyone in attendance that Marquez was relying on his right hook and had already knocked Pacquiao down with the punch in the 3rd round.

Manny ignored these previous signs and charged Marquez with 5 seconds left in the round, but this time he couldn’t absorb the monstrous blow. In a matter of second the tone in the MGM Grand Arena changed.

A crowd that can be estimated 80% Mexican-American Marquez fans had been relatively silent since the 3rd round.When Marquez landed the right hand on the chin of Pacquiao a gasp of surprise followed by a stunned silence crept over the crowd. No one could believe that Pacquiao would leave himself that vulnerable with that little time left. But as Pacquiao laid there motionless the crowd erupted, a sound that drowned out the referreees count, the end of the round bell and the bell signaling the conclusion of the fight.

I’m sure the chants of Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Marquez, Marquez! could be heard down Las Vegas Blvd. Marquez was at the top of the boxing world for those few moments after the fight.

Then the focus shifted to the fallen warrior, Manny Pacquiao. Manny has talked about his love for his position as Congressman in the Philippines and his eventual departure from the sport to pursue his other interest. The media section was buzzing with retirement talk and talks of legacy.

Pacqauio looked like a defeated man during the post fight interview and press conference, but not a washed up has-been.  Pacquiao wont end his illustrious career on this sour note. The prospects of a Mega fight between  him and Mayweather are all but dead. Mayweather has no reason to entertain the fight and can maintain his unblemished record without constant nagging by the fans and media.

Pacquiao could try to fight a lesser known fighter to regain confidence but he doesn’t have the time left in his career to waste. The only other option is to redeem himself against an opponent that just knocked him out and many believed was robbed in previous bouts by the judges.

Pacquiao v Marquez would draw a major gate because of the style of this last fight and Manny can redeem himself once more before he hangs the gloves and trunks up for a suit and tie.


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