Why the Jets are right to Start Sanchez this Sunday

It feels as if every time the Jets find themselves in the midst of one of their faux Quarterback controversies, I have to ‘scoop in’ and save face for the team by defending their decision to continue to start Sanchez. This time, I know all too well that I’m in the minority of those who think starting Sanchez is the right thing to do. But like deja-vu all over again, I must take the time to explain why starting Sanchez over Greg McElroy was a smart move for the Jets.

First, let me preface this article by stating the cold hard fact that the Jets are simply not in the playoff hunt…shocking, I know. Ok, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest we can now take on the task of facing reality. Because the Jets essentially have nothing more to play for this season (of course Rex Ryan and crew can’t come out and admit that) they have to begin the process of repairing the fractured relationship between the team and Sanchez.

2012 was nothing short of a nightmare for the regressing QB, now in his 4th season as Jets starter. First there was Tebow-gate, and the confusion that caused. Then there was the team itself, a stark contrast to the ones of previous years, and surely one that in no way lived up to all the bragging and compliments Ryan lavished it with. So the combination of Tebow and a shockingly bad team thrown in with an already very vulnerable QB have proven to be a volatile mix. But that’s not to excuse Sanchez from all fault, there’s no doubt that he has gone totally backwards in his progression, but was bringing in Tebow really going to remedy that?

The Jets have made foolish decisions in regards to Sanchez throughout his tenure here, but the hijinks they pulled this season pretty much take the cake. The Jets seemed like a dead team walking all season, and it was clear from day one Ryan and crew had no intention of utilizing Tebow in a way that would actually intimidate and thus, motivate Sanchez to step his game up. The Tebow thing was a joke gone wrong by the resident Circus troupe of the NFL–the NY Jets.

The fake and over hyped QB controversy over in Jets land is one of the biggest farces in sports. Firstly, Tebow is hurt so anyone thinking he’s a viable option must’ve been sleeping under a rock during Thanksgiving when Tebow was so hurt all he could do was watch from the bench while plays like this happened…

Let’s be honest, Tebow could’ve had been limping on one leg with his arm in a sling and blind and Rex would’ve put him in to relieve Sanchez–that’s how bad he was. So if Rex didn’t put Tebow in during that gem of game, one has to infer that Tebow’s rib injury is quite serious. Then there’s the curious case of Greg McElroy, who apparently is the Jets new savior…or so I’ve heard. Let’s make something clear…McElroy got a one point victory against the Cardinals, and Ryan Lindley the Cardinals rookie replacement QB went 0-15 on third down. Enough said.

The idea that switching from Sanchez to McElroy being Earth shattering is almost comical. Yes, I understand that Sanchez was down right abominable, but the Jets have to save face with the man they’re on the hook for $8.3 million dollars for. It doesn’t matter where Sanchez may be exiled to, as for next year he’s still on the Jets payroll, like it or not, so consider this the Jets way of truly backing their QB. And we’ve seen and heard the Jets pretend to have Sanchez’s back, but they sure had a funny way of backing it up…*cough* Tebow*cough* but them choosing to stand by Sanchez in a time like this is actually a genuine move on Rex’s behalf and one that was much needed.

The 5-7 Jets have been anything but good this year, and it’s been of their own doing, from the ridiculous flirtation with Tebow, to the terrible play calls and other stunts the Jets’ have more than outgrown their welcome as the brash bunch from NY. But now that they’ve gotten more than a mouthful of humble pie, the organization finally did something right by standing by Sanchez and continue him as starter. They used their brains and realized that with all the money they’ve invested in him, and all the strings they pulled to get him that over the course of his stay here they’ve done nothing more than undermine him little by little. A small show of faith by the so-called ‘Classless Jets’, but one that may pay dividends in moving them back into true competitors on the field.

One thought on “Why the Jets are right to Start Sanchez this Sunday

  • This is a fake sort of support for Sanchez by the organization, if he starts air mailing passes again he will be replaced once again. If that happens then what good is it for them to start him in the 1st place? Do you think they are going to be patient with him this week? The Jets have to make a decision quickly if Sanchez will become the Jets version of Jason Bay. He may still have ability but the aurora around this guy right now is bad and only getting worse!

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