Yankees Sign Kevin Youkilis 1 year $12 million

The ‘small market’ minded 2012 Yankees, have managed to stir up some controversy with a recent pickup–former Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis.

Today sources broke that the Yankees have reached an agreement with Youkilis to the tune of $12 million for a one-year trial, pending a physical. Youkilis’ main job will be to fill in for an injured Arod, who will be out until late May after hip surgery.

Once Arod returns Youkilis will fill  in as DH, and serve as an on base threat for a Yankees team whose bats froze come October. Youkilis spent the latter part of last season with the White Sox where he proved productive, and a reliable bat.  At 33 Youkilis is relitively young compared to the rest of the Yankees core flanked around Jeter, Pettitte and Rivera.

Of course one would be remiss not to bring up the Red Sox angle, as Youkilis has spent the majority of his career as Yankees nemesis. The bombers will have to push any bad blood aside as they welcome in ‘Youk’.