10 Year Old Seahawks Fan Has Epic Meltdown, Don’t Laugh At Her Pain (Video)

10 year old seahawks fan

In this day and age of the internet and social media, it’s hard to tell when people tape things if its genuine or just to get on YouTube.

Yesterday during their comeback against the Falcons, the Seattle Seahawks stood about 49 yards and a miracle hail mary away from advancing to the NFC Championship game.

The Seahawks would eventually fall short, and in this video courtesy of Off The Bench, one young 10 year fan was deeply and genuinely disappointed.

The young lady started to have a melt down about her beloved Seahawks even before the game had ended.  Her father Dennis tried to calm her,but once Julio Jones intercepted Russell Wilson’s pass, it was over from there.

Her father as any dad would helped console the die hard Seahawks fan, and assured her that her team would be back in that position again next year.

In a day and time of such ratchet behavior, it was cute to see a fan who truly cared.

julio jones seahawks lose

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