49ers Fan & Stripper Jenna Pallis 3rd Quarter Striptease, Spurred Comeback (Video)

Jenna Pallis Stripper 49ers

You could say it was Kaepernick not panicking, the 49ers defense shutting out the Falcons in 2nd half or the Falcons choking were the reasons the 49ers are on their way to New Orleans, but I think something greater was at work.

Terez Owens tracked down this video of Stripper Jenna Pallis.

Pallis it appears is a big 49ers fan and was very distraught that the 49ers hadn’t taken the lead in the 3rd quarter, so just like any good fan she did something to motivate her squad…….

From that point on the 49ers dominated. They should make her an honorary captain during Super Bowl and let her dance for them at halftime.