9 Year Old Girl RB Sam Gordon Invited To Super Bowl By NFL

sam gordon invited to super bowl

2 months ago 9-year-old pee wee running back Sam Gordon took the world by storm when a YouTube video of her destroying and completely running around boys surfaced in social media.

The video of course explode, and at that point Gordon was seen everywhere on TV, sports networks, and eventually on the cover of the Wheaties box.

ESPN.com is now reporting that Gordon and her huge hype have been invited to this years Super Bowl by the NFL.  Gordon met Roger Goodell during a Giants game in December, and now will have seats right next to him.

“I think it’s going to be really cool, plus I get to sit next to the NFL commissioner maybe,” Gordon said.

Brent Gordon, Sam’s father stated that Roger alluded to her in December that she might be receiving a great christmas gift.

“As we were leaving, Roger Goodell walked in and said, ‘Sam, would you like to go to the Super Bowl? Well, maybe you should ask Santa Claus,'” Brent said.

“I just think it’s really weird that it happened that fast and how people found it,” she said.

Right Brent, you didn’t expect a you tube video of your daughter sprinting pass boys like she was Chris Johnson to take off and be a hit.

Here’s the video for anyone who may have been busy the past 2 months.