A Groupie Tale About Twerk Vids, Key in Mailbox, Diamond The Body & a Saints Nickle DB


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Remember these stories are for educational purposes only to try to ensure that you aren’t the next contest on that Media Takeout Screen.  Our latest victim is Saint Nickle Defensive Back Johnny Patrick and the info below provided by Full Court Pumps.

Johnny Patrick

You are probably asking yourself if you are a casual fan who in the blue hell is Johnny Patrick? Patrick is one of the many NFL players who if you saw him in Walmart you wouldn’t know who he was. Now, Patrick is free to date whoever he likes, but……..

We do have some general rules that we would like Patrick and others to follow.

Rule #1– If you are going to date a stripper, dancer, Twodel, Video Vixen, you might not want to leave her in your house unattended.

Johnny Patrick Texts

Rule #2– If the person who you are going to leave in your house unattended doesn’t even know football is played on Sunday and you are a NFL player, that could be a red flag.

Rule #3– If your lady friend has videos like this on the internet, please don’t be shocked if she exposes all of your texts, photos, videos and etc in a public forum.

Besides it being in poor taste I don’t blame Ms. Diamond the Body, I blame Johnny Patrick. Never blame the supplier, blame the user. If you want to ball like James Harden, but with backup player money, these are the risks you take. We aren’t going to embarrass Patrick by showing all the photos she released of him, if you want to check that out you can go here.

We are just trying to help.


2 thoughts on “A Groupie Tale About Twerk Vids, Key in Mailbox, Diamond The Body & a Saints Nickle DB

  • So did she go and hook up with dude or what? Any man (who had the money) would be happy to fly her in for a weekend of fun and then send her back home so I don’t see what the big deal is…..

  • Thirsty broad. Does she feel special? He sent me those same pictures. Her face is HIT! NEXT!

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