Aaron Rodgers Shrugs Off Disrespectful Tweets From Greg Jennings Sister

aaron rodgers valyncia jennings

Aaron Rodger is good at taking the high road sometimes, so it was no surprise when Rodgers was able to brush off some disrespectful tweets from Greg Jennings sister Valyncia last Sunday, in which she deemed Rodgers among other things, the most overrated quarterback in football.

Greg Jennings will be a free agent this off-season, and probably won’t return to Green Bay, but according to the Green Bay Post-Gazette, Rodgers was a loving teammate in dismissing the twitter hate.

“That kind of stuff is never going to come between myself and my teammates,” Rodgers said Thursday on his weekly radio show, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “That’s never going to become between Greg and I. We got a great relationship … not going to fault Greg or his sister for anything that was said. I mean, it was family and emotions. Not a big deal.”

Rodgers then explained how players are instructed on how to deal with social media situations.

“You know, I think we have all seen over the years, and in training camp, we got a presentation about some of the stuff athletes have said on Twitter that is a little silly, but you know you just remember the power that Twitter has,” Rodgers said. “The fact that someone’s opinion can ring all over the country and get a lot of press like that, you know stuff on the Internet like it’s said in one of my favorite movies ‘The Social Network,’ ‘It’s written in ink.’ You know it stays there awhile.

Aaron Rodgers gets kudos for being able to brush off such a thing.  Regardless of how Valyncia Jennings feels about the way the Packers have treated her brother, he will still have his suitors, and she essentially played herself when she chose to call Rodgers overrated.