Alex Rodriguez Linked to Steriods Again…Purchased PEDs as Recently as 2012


Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to PEDs but the public consensus is that he has been clean since his 2005 admission of steroid use. Shockingly, today evidence has surfaced linking Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, Gio Gonzalez, and others to Latin chemist Anthony Bosch.

Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passon has been ahead of the curve in many of sports’ largest stories and once again he provides a detailed article previewing what may be the latest black eye to major league baseball.

According to Passon:

The records of players’ use, given to the New Times by a former employee at Bosch’s Biogenesis clinic, are especially detailed in the cases of Rodriguez and Cabrera. Rodriguez, referred to as “Alex Rodriguez,” “Alex Rod” or “Cacique,” received HGH, testosterone cream and insulin-like growth factor, all banned under MLB’s PED policy. He also was given “troches,” a lozenge that has 15 percent testosterone, and other types of growth hormone, according to the report.

Rodriguez’s account was “paid through April 30th” of 2012, according to the records.

This is just what an over-paid, under-producing, often injured ex-superstar needs after two hip surgeries; a monumental PED scandal.

Rodriguez is in a lose-lose situation from this point forward and no one should be surprised if this scandal leads to his retirement before he is able to return from hip surgery. If Alex comes out a vehemently denies these allegations he has no credibility because we’ve seen that before, and we’ve seen him lie with a straight face to everyone in baseball.

If he admits to recent PED usage then he forfeits any chance of a Hall of Fame nod, joining Manny Ramirez as two time offenders. The entire prime of his career would have been a wash; no MVP trophies, no 2007 playoff magic, and no World Series Championship. They would all be tainted and he will be looked at as the most naturally-talented, but strangely insecure, athlete baseball has ever seen.

Passon went on to discuss the other players linked to Bosch and some of their possible penalties:

Some of the players could be subject to a 50-game suspension for a violation of the league’s PED policy, a league official told Yahoo! Sports. Three of Bosch’s alleged clients – outfielder Melky Cabrera, pitcher Bartolo Colon and catcher Yasmani Grandal – already have been caught and suspended by the league.

The MLB is going to have to face a ton of questions regarding this scandal and PEDs in the near future and their PR created image of “Post-Steriods Era” may come crashing down upon them.

One thought on “Alex Rodriguez Linked to Steriods Again…Purchased PEDs as Recently as 2012

  • The yankees have made billions with him!!! They have gone over 4 million with home attendance since signing a-rod in 2004. last year was the 1st year they dipped below 4 mil mark for 81 games. They knocked down the true cathedral of baseball for the new Airport they play in. Yankee airport has 200 lux boxes and the team owns it. Coincidentally the only year they did not make the playoffs in the last 40 years was the year they wanted to demolish the greatest stadium ever. But don’t worry, we can put a huge syringe for the house that arod built instead of the huge bat that was at the old place. PED’s help with recovery!!! It makes players recover as if they are young. It stops the breakdown process. It does not cause it. Players get beat up and baseball is a very long season. Look at Jeter. His ankle snapped last year and he is supposed to be clean. He says it takes him 45 minutes to get ready to play a game now. The Yankees and MLB have made a boatload off of PEDs and HGH. MLB is the same as Wall Street. The got an owner to police the league? Selig did so many mess ups. He should have been fired after calling the All Stargame. How does he remedy it. Make it count for homefield advantage for the WS. Wouldn’t a neon ornage post it on his phone been suffice “do not cancel tied games!” Wall Strret moving all the Goldman Executives to the SEC is the def move to stop the hemmoraging of cash down there too.

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