Alex Smith Says Super Bowl Run Is ‘Bitter Sweet’

bso alex smith calls super bowl run bitter sweet

America’s favorite under dog quarterback, Alex Smith, has put on the brave face throughout the epic run by his replacement Colin Kaepernick.

Smith finally came clean and divulged on his feelings in regards to the extremely uncomfortable situation. recanted Smith’s interview with Bay Area News Group 

“I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a little bittersweet”

Smith has been now infamously replaced by Kaepernick in week 10 after Smith suffered a concussion and Jim Harbaugh stayed trued to his word and played the ‘hotter hand’. Smith continued:

“He got an opportunity, stepped up and made the most of it. That’s the deal. That’s how I got my start in college. It was no different. The guy in front of me got hurt. That’s how I got my first start. It’s just the nature of team sports.”

“It is a team sport and these are my teammates,…You go through so much together, especially these guys who have been here for a chunk of time. If you can’t be happy, there’s something wrong with you.”

No one has kept their head up higher through this than Smith, whose professionalism through the entire matter should rightly be awarded with a contract on another competitive team. Let us not forget at the time of Smith’s benching he had the highest QB rating in the league, and had the Niners at 6-2.