Allen Iverson Declines D-League Offer from Mavericks

Allen Iverson Practice

I am not sure if it is pride or he just doesn’t have the desire to play anymore, but A.I. just refuses to take the necessary steps to try to make a comeback to the NBA.

Both the Lakers and Mavericks, two well respected franchises have offered him D-League assignments with the hope of him getting in shape to make a return to the NBA.

Twice A.I. has declined, for reasons that don’t make any sense. Iverson went on his Twitter and released a statement explaining why he was turning down this golden opportunity.

I thank Donnie and Dallas for the consideration and while I think the D-League is a great opportunity, it is not the route for me.

I realize my actions contributed to my early departure from the NBA, should God provide me another opportunity I will give it my all.

My dream has always been to complete my legacy in the NBA. To my fans, I love yall! Not a day goes by that I am not asked when am I coming back, we all must accept my return is not up to just me.

At least, he realizes a lot of his problems are of his own doing, but his return could have been up to him. He chose to walk away from the game, when the game was giving him one last glimmer of hope.

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  • We sitting here, I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we in here talking about D-League? D-league? D-league???………………………D-League? D-league? D-league???………………………………………..D-League? D-league? D-league???

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