Allen Iverson Wants To Be A Consultant For The Sixers Someday


Allen Iverson wants to get back into the NBA, but is not really sure how.  He teetering the line between semi-retired and unemployed player, and something has to give.

One thing that is certain is the Answers love for Philadelphia.  I was blessed to witness every season Allen played here and almost every game, so I’m somewhat biased.

What is fact is that this city still loves him and he could possibly do some good here one day. In what capacity, who knows.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Iverson would like to work with the Sixers in some capacity some day, and most likely as a consultant per his assistant Gary Moore.

“Once he does do that, I want to ensure that Josh Harris and Adam Aron know how much Allen appreciates what Philadelphia has meant to him, what the NBA has meant to him,” Moore said, “and to someday come back and be a consultant to them, to help them do certain things.”

Sounds good to me.


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  • Maybe he should talk with coach Doug Collins….

    • Maybe he should consult a psychiatrist.

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