Amare Stoudemire: Mike Woodson is the First Coach Who’s Taught Me Defense (Video)


Amare Stoudemire Defense

Funny how one team’s trash can be another one’s treasure in sports.  The Atlanta Hawks ran Mike Woodson out-of-town after they were swept by the Orlando Magic in the 2010 Playoffs, but Woodson has been in hit in New York since taking over for Mike D’Antoni late last season.

You can certainly count Amare Stoudemire amongst Woodson’s supporters, as Stoudemire seems to believe that his game will continue to improve under Woodson even though he is currently coming off of the bench ( via New York Daily News):

“I think having a defensive coach for the first time in my career is going to help,” Stoudemire said after practice in Greenburgh on Wednesday. “I’ve never been taught defense in my whole career. So to now have a coach who actually teaches defense and teaches strategies and knows positioning and posture and how to guard different plays, it’s going to be helpful.”

How you like them apples Mike D’Antoni? (:36 seconds in)